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Monkey in My Chair is a FREE program to keep pediatric cancer patients connected to their classrooms. It acts as an essential tool for teachers to help students cope with their classmate's diagnosis.

Hospitals provide the key link to get the program in the hands of their patients.

How the program works:

Option one - hospitals request brochures only:

  1. Hospitals provide information on the program to families.
  2. The family can sign-up online or by mail.
  3. A monkey package is mailed to the family.
  4. Online access to their "Monkey Message" account is given to teachers and parents.

Option two - hospitals request four (4) starter kits and brochures:

  1. Hospitals provide one of their starter kits to interested families.
  2. Hospitals must have families fill in the registration form and fax or mail the form back.
  3. Online access to their "Monkey Message" account is given to teachers and parents only when the kit is registered.

A Monkey in My Chair coordinator will connect with schools and families to provide support and frequent idea for activities to keep the patient and classmates interacting.

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If you chose to have starter kits, you will be responsible for ensuring all of those kits are registered by the families. Forms will be sent with kits and hospital must fax the form when kits are distributed to families.